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The undersigned Collodet Rudy born in Conegliano on 26/06/1976, I worked as a professional gamekeeper for 15 years, as an agent of the Provincial Police at the Treviso administration during which I gained great experience and knowledge

of wildlife. I am an instructor for biometric detectors of wildlife appointed by ISPRA; expert selecontroller of ungulates; instructor for those in charge of fox control in particular for the control of wild rabies; I am handler of track dogs authorized by the Reason of Veneto and instruct Canine user with various experiences and

results at the Italian level of the category.I was part of the LIFE WOLF ALPS project as conductor of the anti-poison dog unit, thus having the opportunity to

get to know the wolf well, attending courses organized by the Ragione del Veneto. During my service at the provincial administration of Treviso as a gamekeeper, I was the first to introduce the technique of the

endorsement in the Province of Treviso for the containment / eradication of the wild boar species, with completely discreet results. which must not be considered linked to hunting since hunting must be a levy in compliance with the rules but above all of the conservation of wildlife itself, this activity has allowed me to become a great connoisseur of hunting regulations.

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​Rudy Collodet

Cristina Tardivel


Owner and Teacher

The School


​Inside the school an exhibition has been set up of life-size animals.

The primary purpose of the exhibition is to present to members what hunting over the millennia has represented for man and to learn to distinguish the various sedentary and migratory